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Sunday, February 27, 2011

So, plans changed.

Plans changed recently to make the quit day today.  I didn't feel well prepared for Friday and wasn't in any condition to quit. I feel much better about it today and it seems to be going well.  I'm sick and will probably just sleep or relax all day and evaluate everything that I have to get ready for the baby. I'm 13 weeks pregnant today and the baby is 3 inches long.  I can't wait to feel it move.  I'm not craving or anything yet, which is good since I usually smoke first thing in the morning.  I will be brutally honest and say that I have smoked one with my usual morning cup of coffee, but I normally smoke one before that one while the coffee is brewing. 

I'm working on a new project that will keep me busy for the next few days.  After three days, the nicotine is out of your system and then it's just a matter of breaking habit.  I'm hoping that I can keep this attitude going and that the next few days will fly by.  I guess we'll see.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Issue...

So, I'm creating a public humiliation blog for myself to get to the root of my most current issue.  I'm 21 and engaged and also pregnant. The issue is that I'm a smoker. I want to quit smoking and have set a date for Feb 25,2011. No time like the present, right? I'll be doing it cold turkey unless I decide to use the electronic cigarette that I have, which contains nothing but the nicotine that my body craves.  I've tried quitting before, and managed for four months a year ago. Unfortunately, I ended up getting back into the habit.  I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant and the baby is currently fine.  We had our first ultrasound and the heartbeat and development is going smoothly.  But it wont if I continue with my bad habit.

First, I want to name the things that happen when I quit:
  1. I cry and get emotional (and that's worse now that I'm pregnant)
  2. I get headaches 
  3. I stress and get tense
  4. I eat like nobody's business (not a bad thing right now so long as it's healthy items)
  5. I try to rationalize the addiction and come up with excuses
Those are just a few things, but more to come.  I'll update the list as time goes by and more symptoms emerge.  I'll have to quit drinking coffee, since the two of them go hand in hand, but I have no problem doing that, the caffeine isn't good for the baby anyway. 

Now, here's my current quit plan:
  1. I created a safe room (my room) where no smoking will take place.
  2. When I crave, I will either leave the house and go for a walk for sit in my room and blog out the tension.
  3. I'll eat crunchy veggies that will help with the hand to mouth motion.
  4. I don't smoke at work which is why I'm starting on a day that I do work.
  5. I have set up a support group which consists of a few close friends and my fiance (he doesn't smoke).
That's all that I have for now, but once again, I'll update it more as time goes by.  I'm hoping to find other pregnant mothers who wish to quit smoking as well to maybe ban together with and beat the addiction.  I haven't found any pregnant mothers support groups out there, which is why I'm creating my own.

So, that's all for now.  More thoughts and updates later! <3 Tama